Teddys Biggest Burgers - Teddy's Biggest burger at Hawaii

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teddys biggest burger are not the biggest burgers and the worst burger i have had in my life including mcdonalds.I entered their fast food joint with an open mind and a hungry stomach.

As I gazed at several menu items, i noticed some fries on the floor of their so called "kitchen". bBeing good hearted i ordered anyway. When i got my meal i asked for bbq sauce to my dismay it costed 50¢ for approx for 2 3oz containers of bbq sauce. The bbq sauce look like a dark yellowish color.

ibased onthe color i hoped it to better than it looked or costed. I tried the bbq sauce with my fries. I can now rightfully say that it is not a bbq but a nasty honey mustard which has the ability to make things taste worse. HHow can you dare tell me that is bbq sauce?

Another thing, I ordered a western burger which has bbq sauce soaked onion rings on it.making it yhe most inedible burger i have ever had.

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Re: Stacey

what is OP?

Re: Irish

Your missing the point. You could say that about any product. If you abide by the idea of which you state, then we would have a crappier society.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #171903

Maybe the OP was on vacation on Hawaii and not close to home.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #171804

So you lazy person cook at home. That way you can complain about your own cooking.

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